Brand development and application work included production of a flexible and reusable email template, image bank curation, custom Microsoft style illustrations, microsite web design and marketing.

The OneDrive brand experience ecosystem includes a spectrum of touch-points including in-app, web, email and social.

Microsoft OneDrive is cloud storage that works with any Microsoft account. Whether you’re working on your laptop, viewing photos on your new tablet, or using your phone, you can get to your files in OneDrive.

The above is a visual investigation of Material design applied to Microsoft OneDrive.

As well as producing marketing work for Microsoft products, I’ve also been able to contribute work across a range of product features, including icon and experience design.

User experience and graphic design work included cross-brand promotional items such as the above Office 365 up-sell card, designed to be deployed across a number of platforms, and the OneDrive deveoper portal. View on Behance.

More work.